Werken bij B-invented


Clients are often looking for concepts for developments or building plans before architecture is initiated. Our systematic approach and pragmatic imagination can help customers with surprising and feasible concepts. Additionally, we are constantly working on the development of solutions for building-related societal issues.

One of our concepts, OIKOS, includes several housing solutions:
– Hi. Homes
– TT.house
– MoVa/Wave
– Villa41


Hi.homes focuses on plots of land behind existing farms and villas in suburban areas around big cities. There, young professionals and seniors can live together in a social courtyard.


MoVa focuses on projects where densification is important and where we want and need to stimulate social interaction.

Private and binding circles

We have developed an affordable concept for the expansion of a rural community with detached houses. 

The houses consist of two circular variations with their own inner courtyards. The rest of the grounds are for shared green areas, playgrounds, and recreational space for seniors.