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Concept apartments

Stacked timber

Arches is a housing project executed in CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) and HSB (Timber Frame Construction).

The building consists of various shapes that are stacked. This choice of alternating shapes creates different living spaces ranging from 60 to 120m2.

Various functions

This building plays with the concept of enclosure in relation to the sensitivity of living. The form spans across different domains within the household, thereby opening and enclosing various functions.

The structure of the building provides an easy solution for the placement of windows and doors.

Inside the apartment, the round shapes are created using felt. This provides a round and soft appearance without the need for complex engineering constructions.


20 apartments


B-too heeft een concept ontwikkeld voor bijzonder wonen in houtbouw. Door het laten terugkomen van verschillende modules. 


B-too: Raz Keltsh, Eric Offermans

Design team

B-too: Mendel Meester, Andy Lo

B-invented: Nadine Mocking


B-too: Raz Keltsh, Andy Lo, Mendel Meester

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