Werken bij B-invented

Constructive engineering

Integral engineering is one of B-invented’s core activities to create feasible projects. Within this, structural engineering is also essential. From design to permits and implementation, our experienced constructors handle all engineering aspects. We provide structural engineering for our own architectural projects as well as for projects where other architects and clients have made a proposal.  We use various software packages and increasingly move towards 3D construction. Thus, we can utilize the structural dynamics to optimize material usage.

- simplicity in complexity

The Healthcare Center in Vinkeveen has a unique form with a bent floor plan and roof shape. 

This was achieved by using a steel construction with timber frame elements to create a visually simple concept.

- aesthetic construction

The residential building Fabrick in Almere not only boasts a unique architecture (MKA) and matching structural framework but also presents several construction challenges. Together with the client, architect, contractor, and various partners, we eagerly worked on the various aesthetic elements.