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De Plataan

Multifunctional center Naarden

A multifunctional center with a social and healthcare function.

Unity and a distinct identity! That’s what De Plataan stands for. The initiators of this beautiful project are the Municipality of Gooise Meren, Dudok Wonen, and the Islamic Community Association Naarden. In addition to the Health Center, the plan includes a mosque, two apartment blocks, and row houses. The adjacent park is also being redesigned.

A living room for everyone

The Health Center is located in a residential area and will soon form the heart of the neighborhood along with the neighboring shopping center. An accessible place where all residents have the opportunity to participate in activities related to culture, well-being, education, advice, and information.

De Plataan

Horizontally multifunctional

Keverdijk, Naarden

Gezondheidscentrum, Bibliotheek, Jongerencentrum, Wijkcentrum,


Various contributions have been made by the B-group to De Plataan:
B-invented has provided all architectural and structural engineering, as well as handling the permits. Sister company B-happy has taken care of the preparation and realization.

Here, different organizations truly work together!

Maatschappelijk Zorg Vastgoed B.V

BuiltbyDeWildt B.V

Architectenbureau A.M. van Boven B.V.

Architectural engineering
B-invented: Joost van ‘t Klooster, Gerbert v Beek, Eric Offermans

Structural engineering
B-invented : Bouwe Geels

B-happy: Joost Huijgen

Team 42

Project coordination
BuiltbyDeWildt B.V

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