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Apartments in The Hague

Graceful living

Located on the edge of Houtwijk, along the bustling Escamplaan, stands the Escampstaete.
A beautiful combination of wood, light facade panels, and spacious balconies.

Sustainable appearance

The layered apartment building is half of a twin block.
The complex is oriented towards the sun, and each of the 12 apartments has its own small garden at the rear.


Lives up to its name

Escamplaan, The Hague

12 spacious apartments


Various contributions to Escampstaete have been made by the B-group.
B-invented is the architect and has handled all architectural and structural engineering, as well as permits. Construction company B-happy supported Aannemingsbedrijf Houtman in the preparation and realization phases.


B-invented is de architect en heeft alle bouwkundige- en constructieve engineering en de vergunningen verzorgd. Bouwbedrijf B-happy heeft Aannemingsbedrijf Houtman ondersteund bij de werkvoorbereidingen en realisatie.

The 6-story building is structurally built horizontally.
Floors are designed as slabs on columns that are independent of the facade, with stabilizing cores and slabs, and a number of slabs.

This allowed for a flexible facade layout and open floor plans.

As a result, 99 options were created for the 12 apartments, all meeting the specified criteria.

Project Developer Houtman: Gert Houtman

Verheij Real Estate Development: Wouter Verheij

B-invented: Eric Offermans, Gerbert van Beek

Architectural engineering
B-invented: Eric Offermans, Gerbert van Beek

Structural engineering
B-invented: Bouwe Geels

Aannemingsbedrijf Houtman: Jan Boele
B-happy: Joost Huijgen, Gerbert van Beek, Eric Offermans

Nieman: Daphne Hellendoorns

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