Werken bij B-invented

High Gardens

Concept apartments

Green character

This building is characterized by its green character, which can be found on all levels of the building. Both on the roofs and internal spaces, the green character is visible.


Furthermore, the building adjusts its height where the environment demands it.

Various functions

Coliving and coworking are the keywords for this building.

The building explores the balance between homeliness and work. This creates various meeting places within the building that can be used by both residents and visitors.

Green (private) seating areas

There are many meeting places within the building, ranging from public to semi-public and private.

For example, the corner of the building is completely open. This makes the entrance feel like a square and thus attractive.

Furthermore, there are many green seating areas throughout the building. And there is a large courtyard that residents can use.

Of course, each apartment also has its own outdoor space in the form of a terrace. These are positioned at an angle to provide extra privacy.


250 apartments


B-too has developed a concept for unique wooden housing by incorporating different modules.


B-too: Raz Keltsh

Design team

B-too: Niels Koolen


B-too: Eric Offermans, Marieke van Laanen

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