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Apartments Gouda

The Urban Villa

Nestled between the new residential area and the Goudse Hout recreational and nature reserve on the northeast edge of Gouda, this wooden complex stands as a beacon of sustainable architecture, enveloped in a veil of durable wood.

Sustainable aesthetics

With its distinctive appearance and use of sustainable materials, this remarkable apartment building seamlessly integrates into the beautiful natural surroundings.

Sustainable wood

A unique addition to Gouda’s architecture, being the only wooden building in the city.

Gouda opposite Goudse Hout

10 luxury apartments


From the collective efforts of the B-group, various contributions were made to Houtstaete.
B-invented served as the architect, overseeing all aspects of architectural and structural engineering, as well as obtaining permits. Construction company B-happy Aannemingsbedrijf Houtman supported in the preparation and realization of the project.

The five-story building is horizontally constructed with floors as discs on columns, standing independently from the facade, and a stabilizing core. This allowed for a free facade layout, giving the Urban Villa a contemporary character.

Projectontwikkelaar Houtman: Gert Houtman

Verheij vastgoed ontwikkeling: Wouter Verheij

B-invented: Eric Offermans, Gerbert van Beek

Architectural engineering
B-invented: Eric Offermans, Gerbert van Beek

Structural engineering
B-invented: Bouwe Geels

Aannemingsbedrijf Houtman: Jan Boele
B-happy: Joost Huijgen, Gerbert van Beek, Eric Offermans

Nieman: Daphne Hellendoorns

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