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Specialist engineering

Manufacturers and suppliers often require knowledge and support in the areas of construction and technical modelling. Our specialized engineering department provides these services. Through our systematic approach, we continue to optimize with our clients, whether it is related to foundations, tunnel formwork, calcium silicate masonry, autoclaved aerated concrete or metal structures. Long-term collaborations ensure an increasingly streamlined process and the further development of customer products. In addition, B-invented also develops new products within specialized engineering to facilitate faster and easier processes in construction, resulting in better buildings.

- Highest prefabricated building

The Zalmhaventoren in Rotterdam is the tallest fabricated concrete building in the Netherlands. Byldis has analysed and modelled all of the precast concrete internal walls structurally in Tekla.


The sister company B-smart has been developed based on the foundational concept that was developed within B-invented.

B-smart handles all the constructive and technical modelling, including the control of machines in the factory.

B-too, B-invented, B-smart,  B-leaf & B-happy
are all part of the B-group