Werken bij B-invented

Structural engineering

Structural engineering is one of B-invented’s core activities aimed at delivering viable projects. Within that, architectural engineering and its related assessments are essential. Our experienced architectural experts provide all engineering services from design to licenses and implementation. We provide architectural engineering for our own architectural projects, as well as for projects where other architects have created the design. In doing so, we use various software packages that collectively form our BIM environment.

Villa Homerus

We provided the complete building engineering for the Villa Homerus project in Almere. The major challenge was to design the balcony elements around the building. The external architect’s original design had over 40 precast concrete balcony elements. After a thorough study and coordination with the architect, we were able to reduce it to 12 elements, which benefited the implementation and the budget.

Common Woods (wood construction)

In Amersfoort, a sustainable neighbourhood is emerging where timber construction plays a significant role. B-invented has provided all the building engineering services for the developer in the construction team. We have also conducted various assessments and obtained the environmental permit. Subsequently, in consultation with the implementation partners, we have developed the technical specifications for the contractor.

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