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Common Woods

Sustainable residential area in Amersfoort, Netherlands

Common Woods, connected in nature and community
A visionary project with a focus on existing ecology, social inclusivity, and a high quality of life.


Have you ever imagined a place where the city and the forest are intertwined?

A place built to connect people with each other and with nature?

A dreamland designed for you and by you, where the society of the future can settle?


Welcome to Common Woods.

Within the B-group, B-invented, B-happy, and B-smart are collaborating on this magnificent project in the areas of architectural engineering, structural engineering, assessments, permits, landscaping, and much more.

Inspiring development

Humans and nature connected to each other

“A neighbourhood living room, shared electric cars and bicycles, and a communal greenhouse. Just a few of the facilities inspiring a new and holistic way of life. With a wide spectrum of groundbreaking technologies that make the neighbourhood more sustainable, Common Woods takes on the ultimate challenge: creating the perfect balance between people, city, and nature.”

according to developer Holistic Development.


Nimmerdor, Amersfoort

– 56 houses
– 16 apartments
– 6 detached villas
– 8 linked villas
– 6 Maker homes linked villas
– 20 social studios

Holistic Development


Holistic Development; Maurits Hoogevest, Jelle Sturkenboom, Esther Roos, Edwin de Roos (Urbix)

Habitoo; Maarten van der Horst

Boom builds; Rickwin Huisman, Kinan Fleihan

Space & Matter; Lidia Egorova, Marthijn Pool, Gabriela Chuecos, Inigo Ruiz

Architectural engineering
B-invented; Nadine Mocking, Eric Offermans, Joost van ’t Klooster, Gerbert van Beek, Casey Poot, Oliver Immato (Timbeco, Estonia)
B-happy; Joost Huijgen, Mannes Wietsma

Structural engineering
B-invented; Bouwe Geels

B-invented, OMRT [simulations, reports], Embad [installations], Delva [landscape], Spectral [smart grid], Viridis [nature]

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