Werken bij B-invented


Living & working concept

Orthogonal grid​

The positioning of the paths and buildings is derived from the orthogonal grid that is visible throughout the entire area. By extending this grid onto our plot, a connection with the area is established.

Meet & Connect

All residential and work units are connected by the raised path, which runs through the entire area and starts at the main square. Here, parking is available, and there is a terrace. The units have different dimensions and functions. The materials used reflect the wooded surroundings and create an endless forest.

Making & Creating, these words are central to this plan.

Living & Working

In the green


Offices and studios with living space


Vanuit de B-group zijn er diverse bijdragen geleverd aan forrest-T
B-invented is de architect en heeft alle bouwkundige- en constructieve engineering en de vergunningen verzorgd.


B-too: Stéphanie Lelieveld, Eric Offermans

Design team

B-too: Sanne van Haasteren, Mendel Meester

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