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GZC Maassluis

Health center Elektraweg

Bringing care together

On Elektraweg in Maassluis, we are constructing a beautiful health center that accommodates general practitioners, dentists, a pharmacy, and other healthcare providers.

Movement towards the entrance

The existing environment and the design of this rectangular mass call for an exceptional architectural approach. Given that the entrance is on the side of the building, our challenge was to make the entrance prominently visible from the front view of the facility.

Clear entrance

through an exceptional architectural design

Elektraweg, Maassluis

Pharmacy, physiotherapy, general practitioners, and other healthcare services



Various contributions to the Maassluis health center were made by the B-group.

B-invented served as the architect, handling all architectural and structural engineering as well as permits. Sister company B-happy is responsible for project preparation and realization.

"White blanket"

A “white blanket” has been chosen to envelop the building, extending to the side of the structure up to the entrance. The movement in the awning and the prominent entrance emphasize the side of the building. The contrast of the front facade against its dark background, the white blanket, and the wooden cladding give this structure a strong presence.

n de houten gevelbekleding geven dit gebouw een sterke uitstraling.


Maatschappelijk Zorg Vastgoed B.V.

BuiltbyDeWildt B.V

B-invented: Eric Offermans, Sanne van Haasteren

Architectural engineering
B-invented: Joost van ’t Klooster, Gerbert van Beek, Casey Poot, Lotte Dekkers

Structural engineering
B-invented: Bouwe Geels/Advies- en Ingenieursbureau van de Laar B.V.

B-happy: Joost Huijgen, Anja Sens, Mannes Wietsema, Joost van ’t Klooster, Gerbert van Beek

Team 42

Project coordination
BuiltbyDeWildt B.V

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